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by Cerri Ellis

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ArmchairInterviewsPart mystery, part existential journey, Soul Identity follows security expert Scott Waverly as he takes on a most unique job. A born skeptic, Scott is approached by a mysterious company called Soul Identity and asked to protect their business assets from a traitor within their ranks.

Intrigued by their claims to track souls by measuring the differences in each person’s eye patterns, he decides to take the job. The company’s oldest overseer explains their main function is finding their client’s future selves and acting as an eternal and perpetual banker for their customers’ “soul line.” Scott figures Soul Identity is the slickest and longest running con he has ever heard of–certainly one of the most inspired. However, as he delves deeper into the investigation, he begins to wonder if the shadowy company is possibly the real thing.

The concepts inside the book are as intriguing as Batchelder’s fictional company. The story twists and turns, deception and murder mixed with new age double-speak and new millennium techno-savvy. From the very first meeting between the overseer and the book’s protagonist, readers know who is suspect and who is not, and this established tableau deviates very little, detracting from any true anticipation or suspense.

Still though, the book has its moments. Batchelder is best when he writes about the technical or security side of his hero’s investigation. Readers will enjoy one particular scene when Scott encounters Madame Flora, a palm reader involved with the company. I know it made me smile.

However, Soul Identity tries too hard to justify its premise, and ultimately fails to live up to its full potential as a mystery.

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