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by Theodocia

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GhostWriter Literary Reviews"Soul Identity" is an elite company that believes all souls come back reincarnated, and in that mind set, they also believe that one's identity can be imprinted from taking a snapshot of the eyes. Scott Waverly was skeptical, when Soul Identity hired him on as a security consultant, but his mission took on a new meaning when he met Val, a pretty, blue-eyes computer geek, who strongly drew his attraction.

Travel, mayhem, running from the guys in the gray suits, and playful, flirtatious love, abound in this Novel. It's a truly unique, well- written story that you won't be able to put down. 



Wow!!!! Thumbs up to Dennis Batchelder.

As a writer myself, I imagine that Dennis had just as much fun writing "Soul Identity" as I did reading it. Dennis writes in such a way that I can picture it all in my minds eye.

I find the opening airport scene humorous, as his main character; Scott Waverly, goes about fooling the airport security. His premise is "You can take it with you" lends to deep thought to the concept of reincarnation and what the process and outcome might look like.

Dennis Batchelder's "Soul Identity" is unique in the idea that you can leave your estate to yourself. You can inherit your own monetary resources, lifetime of experience and knowledge, and earthly possessions so that when you die, you can recover it all in another life when your soul is identified.

If you enjoy humor, suspense, a little romance and a concept that will cause you to think, This is a must read! I look forward to his sequel.

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