Soul Identity - Synopsis

Scott Waverly lives and works on Kent Island, Maryland. He finds and fixes his clients’ computer security holes. A deliveryman brings him a package from a mysterious company called Soul Identity. The package includes a request for Scott’s expert security help and an electronic reader with instructions for capturing and submitting images of his eyes. Scott is suspicious, and he snaps photos of a bluefish’s eyes and sends the reader back.

Eight days later, Scott watches as his neighbor Berry chases the same deliveryman off his property. Berry admits he was depressed, but Soul Identity, through their bridges that connect past and future lives, offers him a reason for living. Unfortunately, he lost an eye in an accident years before, and this prevents his “soul identity” from being calculated. Berry is devastated.

Scott feels guilty that he did not even know his neighbor was in trouble. Although he views Soul Identity as some sort of creepy cult and is suspicious of the coincidence of running into them twice in eight days, he decides to take the contract and find a way to get Berry into the organization.

Scott contacts Soul Identity’s executive overseer, Archibald Morgan, and they agree to start work at the organization’s headquarters in Sterling, Massachusetts.

Archie shows Scott how Soul Identity calculates and tracks a soul’s identity across multiple lives. The organization enables people to leave money and memories for their future selves; they have been doing this quietly for twenty-six hundred years.

Archie claims the other overseer, Andre Feret, and a competitor, WorldWideSouls, are scheming to destroy Soul Identity. Archie sends Scott to Val Nikolskaya, the development manager of the new Internet programs, to verify their systems are safe. Scott and she spend the afternoon reviewing the security. They hit it off and at a picnic dinner, Val explains she joined Soul Identity to make her life matter far into the future.

While working on getting Berry into the organization, Scott and Val uncover a problem: Berry’s hand-calculated identity does not match his computer-calculated identity. When they run a hand calculation through the system, it ties Berry’s soul identity to the other overseer, Andre Feret. Somebody sabotaged the computer program, allowing Feret to hijack Berry’s identity while preventing Soul Identity from discovering other overseers.

When Archie’s team meets that night, Scott learns that Feret is causing lots of trouble from his office in Venice, Italy. WorldWideSouls is aggressively targeting and converting Soul Identity’s affiliated churches. Although still skeptical of its science, Scott commits to helping Soul Identity fight back. He describes the computer program problems, and Archie recalls that an outsourcer wrote the original code. Archie dispatches Scott and Val to Hyderabad, India to figure out what happened.

Before they leave, Scott and Val survive a bombing of their guesthouse. They race to Maryland, and when they reach Scott’s neighborhood, they find men with guns staking out Berry’s house. They create a diversion, whisk Berry out, and escape in Scott’s boat.

In Hyderabad, Scott and Val discover a Buddhist monk wrote the rogue computer program, quit the day he finished, and left a clue in the code. The monk says Feret blackmailed him, and other monks loyal to Feret monitor his actions. That night, Scott and Val escape suffocation by Feret’s loyal monks.

Scott and Val hack into the WorldWideSouls Web site and discover Feret is kicking off what he calls his “New Order” in Venice. They break into his online account and learn that revenge for a lost inheritance drives Feret’s actions.

Scott and Val return to Sterling. Feret is in town, and they confront him with his New Order plans. He fires them and has them escorted off the grounds.

That night at Archie's meeting, Scott observes the fight is not going well and they are dancing to Feret's music. Berry tells Archie that people are deserting Soul Identity because, by focusing only on the business and the proofs, the organization has lost its own soul. Scott suggests they refocus the organization to prevent future attacks. The group puts together a new scheme for defeating Feret.

At an awards ceremony the next day, Feret publicly predicts Archie’s demise and tries to poison him. Instead, Val triggers a remote-control injector that slips Archie into a medically-induced coma. Everyone is convinced of his death as an ambulance carts him away.

In Venice, Scott and Val confront Feret again. Scott tells Feret they have evidence of the poisoning, they disabled the rogue computer program, and Berry is ready to act as the sole overseer. Feret reveals that although his motive started with revenge, he is really after Soul Identity’s money. He offers them partnerships in exchange for their cooperation, then locks them in his closet to await his return from the New Order presentation. They almost suffocate, and Archie’s team rescues them just in time for the meeting.

During his speech, Feret triumphantly plays his video of the poisonings, but Archie’s live appearance spoils the moment. Archie reveals Feret’s treachery and promises to bring the soul back to Soul Identity. Feret flees, only to be betrayed in his escape and shot by a Soul Identity member. With Feret and WorldWideSouls gone, the crisis is over, and Soul Identity can rebuild.

Soul Intent

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Soul Identity


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